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Copyright 19952023 The Independent Traveler, Inc. Amazing, Funny & Totally Awesome Cruise Photos, Click here to reload the page in order to enable certain features, Policy regarding COVID related Discussions, C858B0A9-6769-424D-B129-59363EDAC023.jpeg, B5073042-BF8A-4EEC-BD19-0938D8732763.jpeg. Posted 2 hours ago (edited) I am planning to purchase a specialty dining package on the Eclipse next month. Be the first to rate this post. #1 Posted February 22 on the Reflection now, if you are thinking about getting one of the photography packages,DON'T, no more pictures getting off the ship, no more pictures at dinner, (which. The basic Surf wifi package includes basic internet access for web browsing, email, and social media. A frequent package buyer. Take 20% off all bottles of wine when you use the code TUESDAY. Started October 12, 2018, Copyright 19952023 The Independent Traveler, Inc. Passengers also receive a 15% discount on wines by the bottle. This policy is only available on Celebrity Cruises, which is the only one. Yes you download still with Celebrity! It's not for everyone, but we travel with our young kids and love all the family pictures we take. Indulge package guests have access to the Premium wifi package. The photo package includes all digital photos of all guests in a stateroom from their voyage, including 3rd and 4th guests. The package is well worth it. The cost of the premium is determined by the price. Non-premium bottled water, soda, and specialty coffees, teas, are all included in the Classic Drink Package. CC Help Jenn Charter sailings do not qualify for Always Included pricing. I'm shocked that they still offer them at all, even the scaled back offering. By now you know that if you book a Celebrity cruise, youll receive the Classic Beverage Package, basic wi-fi, and gratuities included as part of their Always Included fare. Talk to text or auto correct ? You will be able to leave a comment after signing in, By I've saved the ones not in the album and have even found uses for some of them also. Is Always Included Combinable With The Move Up Program? Have done this many times and never had an issue. The Always Included Package pricing is a long-term change to Celebrity Cruises pricing. Greetings from Melbourne, Australia, folks. But. We recommend upgrading before your sail date. Celebrity is the only cruise line that provides gratuities as well as Wi-Fi at a cost comparable to other cruise lines. My family and I love the photo package (of course we are a family of theatre majors so we love photo ops). Do they tend to walk around on At Sea days as well? I saw a few people say they received a good bit of photos in their package. We bought the package because individual prints are very expense. I think they'd sell a lot more if prices were reasonable. However, now I always purchase the photo package directly from the photography company. Additionally, the premium package covers martinis from the Crush Martini Bar and most of the handcrafted drinks found at the World Class Bar. Thinking of getting it with OBC. Started June 21, 2021, By In addition to everything included with Always Included, the Elevate Package consists of the Premium Beverage Package and a shore excursions credit of up to $200 per person. By However, guests who wish to upgrade may save money by upgrading the entire cruise from Always Included to Elevate. We're Celebrity Cruises, and the world is open. The premium package covers most of the drinks offered at the onboard bars and restaurants, with the exception of Eden. We were traveling with others and the package included photos of the two of us or the four of us, but not the two of them. With that combo, any Captain's Club discounts are not honored either. We took lots of pictures. But can you still order those pictures you like printed? #1. You can include other family members in some pictures from other staterooms, as long as a person from the stateroom that purchased the photo package is in the picture. As we get closer and closer to our cruise date I am getting more e-mails concerning excursions and add ons to our reservation. Celebrity Cruises Always Included pricing includes the cost of the daily gratuities. Is the wine decent? The following tables show the relative cost of the drink package when you deduct the cost of upgrading to Elevate from the shore excursion credit. the prices are what they are because of the cut taken by the cruise line from the onboard concessionaire. At on time the cruise line cut was 75% of the sale, So with a $20 picture, $15 went to the cruise line and only $5 went to the photo company. Are you asking about the Classic bottles of wine package or the Classic Beverage package? 253 March 11, 2017 Ontario #1 Posted January 22, 2018 Does. The prices are likely higher to cover the cost of the program benefits. These include wine, beer, and spirits. Enjoy multiple days in the best cities, extensive land tours, exhilarating explorations and relaxing stays in luxury hotels. Ive been on Carnival and NCL and there were only about 2-3 photos taken of us on either cruise. Started August 27, 2021, By Yes. I had pre-purchased the unlimited package as we always do and at the end of the cruise had only 2 photos. When you sail with Celebrity Cruises, you no longer need to worry about drink packages, wifi, or daily gratuities. Started October 12, 2018, Copyright 19952023 The Independent Traveler, Inc. Each passenger is permitted to bring two bottles of wine or champagne onboard, one to their stateroom and one to the public areas. For just $49.99 per person, per day, you can enjoy an unlimited selection of cocktails, wine, beer, and soft drinks. On embarkation day, Celebrity Cruises allows passengers to bring up to two bottles of wine onboard the cruise ship per cabin. However, should one guest decide to upgrade to the Indulge or Elevate package, all the other guests in the stateroom must also upgrade to the same package. The cruise fare you are referring to is Celebritys Always included fare. I mentioned my disappointment with the changes to the photo manager and he refunded my package. We took advantage of every chance and the photographers got to know us and would do some really fun poses. Price: $5. By You can upgrade from your Cruise Planner after paying in full. We may receive compensation when you click on those links at no cost to you. The $349 may be much better because it includes a bottle of Dom Perignon, dinner for two at a specialty restaurant, a dozen roses and chocolate dipped strawberries. We used to enjoy the picture packages. We had it for our cabin and our kids cabin was also linked to the package once we boarded (at no extra charge) We took a ton of pictures. The upgrade does not affect other benefits that guests may have already booked, such as airfare and shore excursions. But is the upgrade to the premium drink package worth the price? Can you tell me how I g. The Premium Beverage Package Includes access to the best drinks such as premium spirits, craft beer, selected coffees, champagne, and top-shelf liquor priced at $15 or less. On Celebrity, there are photographers at each port (usually two or three different settings) ad each evening - more, of course, on Chic Evenings but always at least one station. What a bunch of weirdos. The $349 may be much better because it includes a bottle of Dom Perignon, dinner for two at a specialty restaurant, a dozen roses and chocolate dipped strawberries. With the Celebrity Cruises Always Included, your cruise fare now includes: This change creates a more all-inclusive approach to sailing, which guests love. Just off Constellation today (15 day cruise) and it was $250 for everything the first two/three days, PLUS Captains Club discount. The beverage packages that come with the Always Included fare include gratuities. Something strange is going on I purchased the Soda package for Deb and I for our Feb 2024 cruise on the Apex. One of my favorite past times on cruises was looking at other people's pictures. Can I link multiple staterooms under one photo package? When done, save the document. Photographs will also tour dining and other venues. CC Help Jenn I guess this means no more photos in the bathroom? The green screens are a no go for us with the photo packages. Let us look at whats included in the Celebrity Cruises Always Included Cruise fare and what it means for your next Celebrity cruise. Celebrity Cruises Classic Beverage Package, Cruise Ship Anchors: Everything You Need to Know, Royal Caribbean RoyalUp (Guide to Upgrading Your Cabin). In addition to that, photographers roam around the dining rooms, various areas of the ship, and ports. Wh. I had another look at the two celebration packages. I recommend looking daily for the hard copies of any photos taken, and comparing them to the digital copies they have on the computer system. If the Classic package isnt enough, you can always upgrade to the Premium drinks package which includes higher-priced beverages, large martinis, and Champagne. Started June 21, 2021, By But, keep in mind that you only reap these savings if you use the full shore excursion credit. Generic Bottled water is about $3.50 for a small bottle, soda is also about $3.50-4. Celebrity Cruises Always Included (Drinks, WiFi, and Tips). Sign into your cruise and go to Manage Cruise. When you sail with Celebrity Cruises, you no longer need to consider purchasing a drinks package. I called and was surprised at price. I bought the package last year on the Eclipse and I'm so glad. LauraS The Elevate Package includes the Premium Drink Package, Basic Internet Package, $200 shore excursion credit per person and included gratuities. The "all inclusive digital plus prints" seems self-explanatory? Alcohol on the plane: how much can you drink on long flights? That was such a waste of resources. We did this and were told after contacting Celebrity the drinks package isnt included. From outside the U.S., they can call 321-953-9002. I don't have much interest in having a bunch of prints (no place to display them). Does anyone have any experience with Celebrity's "Standard" drink package (NOT the "Classic" package). I agree. Where did you find the celebration package? I know they usually have a photographer set up for evening chic/captains dinner/formal nightbut thats the only one I know of, aside from getting on the ship and then off the ship at ports. A menu will come up that starts with Dining, Drink Packages, Shore Excursions, etc. This is a total relic from the past.I can't imagine many people want the prom pose photos anymore. Celebrity Cruises always provides a Classic Drink Package, which includes an incredible range of beers, spirits, cocktails, liqueurs, frozen drinks, and wines by the glass for $9 per serving. In the past, the cruise line offered upwards of 8 different packages. Upgrade Your Drinks Package from Classic to Premium, 2. Some of the more popular drinks that are included are vodka, rum, gin, and tequila. Started August 27, 2021, By All guests staying in the same stateroom on the Always Included package will receive wifi. With this package, they can . Further, the premium package includes unlimited premium still and sparkling bottled water, Red Bull, Vitamin Water, soda, juices, and premium coffees and teas. There is now a Classic Beverage Package, which includes unlimited drinks by the glass for up to $9, as well as a new All Included* package. Started October 12, 2018, Copyright 19952023 The Independent Traveler, Inc. At leSt half the pictures had other of our traveling companions in them. Like the shore excursions credit, the onboard credit varies based on the duration of the cruise. If you prefer top-shelf liquor or a martini drinker, that alone might be worth the upgrade. The Celebrity Cruise Classic Drinks Package is exactly what youre looking for. I've actually often wondered why there aren't more 2 bedroom options not just on Celebrity but other cruise lines too, and not just at suite level. Celebrity Cruises. Powered by Invision Community. Ah, ok. We'll be on Royal for 5 days starting new year's eve. With the Celebrity Cruises Elevate Package, youll receive: The cost to upgrade from Always Included pricing to the Elevate package is $30 per person per day. And the total extra fee from Always Included to the Indulge package is $420 per person per day for a 7-night cruise. DW was kicking herself for deciding not to spend the $250 CAD before our Equinox cruise back in Nov. figuring if we'd get it on sale when we were onboard. It was a great deal. So, if the upgraded room comes with the Elevate package, youll receive all of the Elevate perks. Furthermore, the all you can drink package costs only $59.95 USD per person, per day. By We paid a pretty hefty price for pretty poor quality photos, so Im skeptical now about spending so much money again for pictures. The package also includes a 20% discount on all wine and champagne purchases, and a 10% discount on all other alcoholic beverages. Photo used to be a big moneymaker, now, not so much. Florida. What Is The Upgrade Cost FromAlways IncludedTo Elevate Or Indulge? Beginning in November 2020, Celebrity Cruises began offering a new pricing structure for their cruise fare. on the Reflection now, if you are thinking about getting one of the photography packages,DONT, no more pictures getting off the ship, no more pictures at dinner, (which some people objected to ), no more pictures at the pool! (Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises) With this new fare pricing, you get a drink package, basic wifi, and gratuities included in your fare - rather than an added expense. After you make the upgrade, you will receive all of the benefits of the premium package. But just because they aren't printing them out doesn't mean you can't obtain a print. Unlike a special deal that expires, the Always Included program is here to stay. This includes ALL pictures, including the cheesy . They only have one setup with a green background which they will digitally complete. Is it Worth Upgrading to the Premium Beverage Package? Trying to gauge the better way to do this as I do like the coffess at AB and FRE wine at lunch and dinner. we are both photographers and so we are NEVER in the picture, we took every opportunity during the cruise for a photo and were loaded up by the end, its a VERY good deal in my opinion. At least I wouldn't have to worry about the wine! We take a lot of photos, but had looked forward to taking a break if there were a number of candids, etc One recent report made mention that in their cruise it was just a green screen and maybe some of the composed picture opportunities. I also checked under the package section, which was specialty dining packages. Celebrity Cruises drink package upgtade price drink package upgtade price By beachfanatic, 9 hours ago in Celebrity Cruises Followers 0 beachfanatic 493 March 1, 2001 #1 Posted 9 hours. This drink package includes unlimited wine, beer, and classic cocktails for up to $9 per drink. By Our daughters are in a separate cabin and they are included in the package since they are under 21. LauraS #2. Also, not all the photographers are very creative and some of the shots started getting repetitive. Passengers can upgrade to the Premium Beverage package which includes higher-priced drinks. Can you ask a ship,photographer to follow you and get photos. If you only want to do a short cruise, you might be better off taking the complimentary package. I have a beautiful album (also bought on board at a discount) full of wonderful pics. More I doubt that it is the cruise lines you have used because we have had our photographs taken by (far more insistent) Carnival and NCL photographers when our Celebrity ship has shared a dock with one of their ships. Correct? It is a confined space and most tours have a large number of people. Cruise Vacation Packages | Celebrity Cruises Overview Home Cruise Packages Vacation Packages A variety of immersive vacation packages deliver even more from each destination. 19 Secret Codes on Cruise Ships That You Need to Know, Virgin Voyages Partners with Sustainable Marine Fuel Providers, D23: Disney Treasure, Lighthouse Point, and Australia, Carnival Celebration Begins First Set of Sea Trials, Oceania Cruises New 180-Day World Cruise And Grand Voyages. Yes. The change to their pricing applies for all Celebrity cruise sailings except for the Galapagos cruises. Sale! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. When you upgrade, there is an extra charge of $12 per person per day. Powered by Invision Community. Celebrity Cruises; Cruise Critic Community. As it was I didn't buy it either way. We have booked the photo package on every cruise we've been on in the past, but it looks like we will give it a miss on our Reflection cruise next month. And with unlimited refills, you can enjoy as many cocktails as you like throughout your cruise. Stick to my good phone camera. We had it when we sailed with another couple. (Parents in one and "kids" in another, one kid still under 21 so it falls under the terms). And we really wanted the photographer present to get a picture with the sommelier that vastly improved our dining experience. Whether or not the new pricing is a good deal depends on whether or not you would have purchased the beverage package and wifi package. They use an outside vendor to run it and give X a major cut of the gross. Meet & Mingle Photos; Favorite Cruise Memories; Cruise Food Photos; Cruise Ship Photos; Ports of Call Photos; Towel Animal Photos; Amazing, Funny & Totally Awesome Cruise Photos; More . My wife and I have booked the Equinox out of Ft. Lauderdale on New Year's Eve 2012. Unlike some cruise lines, Celebrity Cruises does not limit the number of drinks you can order in a day. Thanks for your input! Is that the unlimited one? Access to exclusive events on specialty sailings (like the President's Sailing) One pre-cruise category upgrade to AquaClass (based on availability) 10% discount on internet package upgrades. You will be able to leave a comment after signing in, By Princess Plus Package. The onboard credit can be used for specialty dining, spa treatments, and shopping. After completing the All Inclusive cruise package, guests must complete the final payment on their All Inclusive cruise package in order to upgrade to the Premium Beverage Package. I think it was like $250 or something like that. Yes you can take pictures with other people in other cabins as long as you or your cabin partner(s) are included in the photograph. For us, this added greatly to our enjoyment of the cruise, and I still grin when I look at the print I have in my office. Celebrity drinks packages, for example, cost only $18 per person per day and include an upgrade. Does Celebrity Cruises provide alcoholic beverages for their clients? The normal price for the package is $69 per person per day. Photos of Celebrity Cruises Learn more about Celebrity Cruises with these photos Celebrity Cruises Courtesy: Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Cruise Line Courtesy: Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Cruises Nightlife Courtesy: Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Cruises Spa Experience Courtesy: Celebrity Cruises Casino Courtesy: Celebrity Cruising Power deck CC Help Jenn With the Celebrity Cruises Indulge Package, youll receive: The cost to upgrade from Always Included pricing to the Elevate package is $60 per person per day. Started October 12, 2018, Copyright 19952023 The Independent Traveler, Inc. photographers also walk around Labadee and take pictures of guests We have some great shots of our family enjoying the beach. Before Celebrity Cruises introduced the new pricing, the cruise line added tips at $15.50 per person per day for most cabins. Thanks in advance. Sorry for the misinformation. We strongly recommend the package, however you pay for it. Semua ada tiketnya!Traveloka is one of the leading flight search and hotel booking platforms in Southeast Asia with over 100,000 flight routes and over 100,000 hotels across the map. As for the prints being a waste of paper or resources, I'm not sure a cruise ship is the proper context to be critical of extra prints going to waste. To each his/her own, I suppose. Non-premium bottled water, soda, and specialty coffees and teas are included as part of the Classic Drink Package. The package also includes a 20% discount on all wine and champagne purchases, and a 10% discount on all beer purchases. I paid $10 for the picture of me eating a hamburger! Number of Times Myrtle Beach Safari is Added in Itineraries. Started August 27, 2021, By This might work best for someone planning to do a photo book. With this new fare pricing, you get a drink package, basic wifi, and gratuities included in your fare rather than an added expense. NO THANKS For the April 22nd and May 15 cruises it's not even available. However, it is safe to say that prosecco would likely be included in a classic drinks package for a celebrity who enjoys this sparkling wine. The Classic Drink Package has a price of $70.80 per person per day, with an additional 20% gratuity charge added to the purchase. Celebrity Cruise Lines Premium Drink Package, which only allows passengers on the companys flagship cruise ships to purchase a larger range of drinks, such as frozen drinks and beers, will allow you to enjoy an even wider variety of beverages. We buy the photo package every cruise and we get our money's worth. Sailing on Silhouette in August. With the Elevate package, youll receive a shore excursion credit of up to $200 per person. Youll save $115 per person per day when you add it all up. Paying the difference only applies to alcohol drinks over the drink dollar limit. We are going on the celebrity summit this summer. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); High Seas Cruising was founded by couple Marcello and Victoria to share travel tips and insights from over two decades of cruise vacations. Sounded as if there wouldn't be enough for an album. But, it is nice to be able to message home from the ship. More There will, however, usually be a photographer there if you are invited to the heliport. During a cruise, each passenger can upgrade his or her package up to twice. Only once was I able to combine the early bird discount (first couple days) with the Captain's Club discount. I didn't have it on our last cruise but I know someone who got it. Pic attached. I first started to answer you on my phone. We recommend applying it to the most expensive excursion you choose to take during your cruise to maximize your savings. We were on Christmas and New Year's B2B cruises on Reflection a few months ago and had great fun with these photos. Does Apex offer a Photobook (by itself) for purchase? At I missing opportunities and just dont realize it? We noticed it under Photo but in a combination package, not the book alone. Celebrity Cruises is starting a movement to address under-representation in travel marketing through our All-Inclusive Photo Project. This includes ALL pictures, including the cheesy pirate, embarkation, and port of call photos. Typically we get 200 /300 plus photos. The same goes for the wifi. Celebrity Cruises Photo Package Photo Package By Work2cruz!, January 22, 2018 in Celebrity Cruises Followers 5 Work2cruz! CC Help Jenn I always hated dinner table pictures and aside from a waste of resources, I also thought it was a huge privacy issue to exhibit all the prints (and I often overheard many unflattering comments about other passengers' pics). We're traveling with another couple so it would be great to get them in a few shots as well - thanks for the info. Plus, for a limited time only, get an additional $50 bonus onboard credit. Additionally, weve found that the internet speeds are much faster when you purchase Surf & Stream. In addition to the standard shots, we got several pictures with props borrowed from around the ship - decorations for the NYE party, chairs from the lounge, centerpieces, hand sanitizer dispensers, "watch your step" signs, bartenders, some of the entertainment staff (Ozzy, DJ Jammin), the photographer herself, and maracas from one of the ports, along with various poses with the life-changing prizes from trivia and other games. The shore excursions credit varies based on the length of the cruise. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Finally, the "12 photo package online" sounds like you get digital access but no prints. no Soda package is showing up for purchase. We ended up buying two pictures only the entire cruise. By I understand that with Standard, you have a "selection" of (unspecified) well brands for drinks up to $6. Non-premium bottled water, soda, and specialty coffees, teas, are all included in the Classic Drink Package. A celebrity cruise drink package costs an average of $79 per person, per day. All beverages have a 20% gratuity added, so before the gratuity a specialty coffee is $5-6 without alcohol. And this setup is only for a certain time slot. If it is more luxury you are after, upgrading is inexpensive and worth it. My favs from our past cruises were at the various ports. Upgrading to a better amenity package is easy and can be done at the final payment stage for an increased daily rate. We are sorry that this post was not useful for you! My recent experience says the non-combinable pre-cruise price was better than the combinable on board price.

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