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Whenever these two bodies come together, a powerful unionis something you should anticipate. mars afflicted by pluto or saturn? 7th house is our composite and we are partners in every sense of the word. The Sun conjunct Mars transit brings you to the pinnacle of energy, enthusiasm, confidence and sense of self-reliance. Regardless of how much they love each other, both natives want to be the ones to win in every disagreement. In terms of chemistry and attraction, there is no shortage of these when it comes to you and your partner. I suppose if you look at it in a traditional way, Mars in Taurus is in detriment since it is in better placement with Scorpio, so it could mean the relationship is moving at a slow pace, slow consummation of the relationship, etc. Accidents could even occur if you are not aware of and respectful of one anothers need for activity and/or rest. It lasts for three to four days, and its impossible not to sense when Sun merges with the aggressive Mars. Youd do well to try to reinforce one anothers strength, courage, and fighting spirit without directly engaging in ego conflicts. Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a, Powered by Infopop 2000 Intermediate and advanced students of Astrology might enjoy our article, SoulMate Astrology. Or sth like that. His research is focused on making connections between people better, stronger, more meaningful, and longer lasting using technology. Everything between them feels fast-paced and energetic, so they quickly go from one relationships stage to another. Posts: 2953From: Tinseltown, Hollyweird, The MultiverseRegistered: Sep 2014. They have to bite their tongues sometimes to save a connection worthy of saving. Mars reprezents energy, will, activity, courageous, lust, challanger, motivation, impulsivity, direct, establisment of ego, force, effort etc Chiron reprezents help, teaching, healing, understanding, scientist, experience, love, wisdom, punishment/reward, lessons, protection etc. He's really trying to figure it out too. Yeah, I didnt either. I thought it would be interesting if people who were partnered noted the house of where the Sun falls in the composite chart with their partner, along with a sketch of how it manifests. Sun conjunct Mars in synastry means that two persons will feel an undeniable sexual attraction for each other. At least you can limit some of its potential damage by making realistic assessments, and watching the pedestal-placing. Our composite sun is in Pisces. What i do see is a trine to moon and venus from s-turn and because of it, it also sextile's the sun. You are passionate about asserting your identity. Go for a walk, or make love! :/. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. It means that the planets are providing you with the fuel to go after what you want. Our Ven/Mars conjunct both ways. Rangement des articles Theres much to consider, including how your natal charts compare against the composite. However, how they challenge each other is not always positive. You should consider whether chart ruler is essentially or accidentally dignified. But they are not necessarily active or dynamic. It would be more meaningful if say moon was conjunct venus (tight orb), or moon was conjunct IC. Grrr, I am not even usually that irrational (okay, maybe a little. You must also learn to tone down your authority in a situation so that others feel more comfortable. Composite sun semisquare, opposite, or semisextile venus yields the same exact interpretation in Google as composite sun conjunct venus. Rception de marchandises. Our composite Capricorn Ascendant had its ruler in guess where? While tenanted houses in a composite show areas that are important to the couple as a unit, a scattered chart or one where planets are not aspected show areas of disconnect within the relationship. What To Expect When Saturn Transits Venus or Mars in Leo, Six Planets Changing Signs In March, 2023: Dates & Details, Pluto Transiting the 8th house in Aquarius, All Planets Direct For Three Months In 2023, Sign up to be notified when the blog updates. So, I think they were fated by the stars to be father and child. It must be true because my best friend told me she thinks she found her soulmate in her boyfriend, and she knew from the first day they met and when I checked their composite they did indeed have that tight stellium and all planets clustered together. In this period, you wont be open to compromises. 8th house our relationship has certainly changed my life. Not many people are competitive like these individuals. There might be egos trying to get gratified at the other's expense. Yep were the best of friends. It may be very physical, very competitive, very emotionally involved with high energy drives either working against each other and maybe with each other. CompositeChart:MoonMercuryAspects The impulsive and headstrong Sun conjunct Mars person exhibits great energy and enthusiasm. Posts: 1437 From: Dorsia Registered: Aug 2012: posted October 20, 2012 04:45 PM Do any of you specialize in that department? They like to pursue their prey and wont stop until they achieve their goal. That sounds very interesting! Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a. It is why they are typically sports-oriented and likely to participate in competitions and adrenaline-fueled activities. You are someone who is fierce in your love and protectionfor the people you care about and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep them safe and happy. And little Venus in the 2nd. We want to own cats, not kids ? thats what u wanna look out for when it comes to arguments and hostility. UPDATE: Composite sun venus and mercury aspecting each other at all in the composite is interpreted as a love stellium, as I found thru an internet search. Anything is possible. Get notified about new Commercial Specialist jobs in Mons, Walloon Region, Belgium. :) :) :). However, the position between these two planets decides whether that feeling will help or endanger the relationship. Like if one of you is shy, the other will be very outgoing and you'll feel this sense of differentness but the strong love and affection will still be there just like in the stellium. The Sun conjunct the Moon synastry The Sun conjunct the Moon synastry embodies a natural principle of polarity between creative and perceptual factors. Posts: 795From: Silent HillRegistered: Aug 2011. It is why these partners will have to control the passion between them, or it could result in conflicts and aggression. When this transit occurs, the best thing to do is to immerse yourself in physical activity or do something that makes you feel good and fills you with peace. Designed to help you in the 1 minute it takes to read. As lilith in synastry, you never get over that person no matter how toxic they are. Your Mars sign will indicate how you take the initiative, experience sexuality, defend yourself and attack others. planets that are very slow? And I wonder if having all that Saturn might save the relationship. You can choose to consider this or not, some people say Composites are ONLY and SOLELY for relationships. Lots of issues to work through, both as a couple and as individuals. We bith had broken hearts and broken egos. Mercury can be influential as well because relationships require communication. Copyright Ryan Hart Publishing LLC - All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy. like ever. We have lilith in taurus in 7th and north node in gemini right at the beginning of the 8th house. While the Sun stands for aspects like energy, life, support, livelihood, authority, willpower, hope and consciousness, Mars is more symbolic of aspects like energy, ambition, passion, drive, sensuality, action and sometimes even anger. They usually feel that they have a great chance together from the get-go. Sun/Venus/Mercury thing, now that makes sense with my guy. Although we tell each other everything I know this is the house of secrets and the house of undoing. Sun conjunct Mars natal makes you energetic, heroic, courageous, fierce, and fearless. But yes, Taurus is fixed and steady so it cna be interpreted as you said. Fatedness, if you will. Sun conjunct Mars is one of the most important aspects in a natal chart; both planets are similar in that they represent energy. Be careful to not be trigger happy as we all know that Mars always has an aggressive streak and that aggression can be defeated easily if we are careful to monitor it. Jupiter is in 5th though. Sun conjunct Mars individuals' lives are filled with drama and change. On the other side, Mars is the sexual tension and initiative, which means these planets are never a source of indifferent connections. We have turned our partnership into a well-oiled machine . We have sun in gemini in the 8th house, along with mercury and chiron. "Yours is likely a very strong and powerful relationship. That can be a blessing, but it can also be a disaster. Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a. I am new to astrology but I think that that i can say the 8th house theme of transformation and intense sexual energy, depth etc has always been the predominant on our path. However, this could be focused anger that can lead to achievement. Saturn is squared Sun, Venus, Neptune, Mercury and trine Uranus. They can achieve great things together and combine forces to accomplish their dreams. You can learn more about this union or conjunction and what it implies through this guide. Posts: 371 From: Registered: Aug 2012: posted October 06, 2012 12:03 AM . Im curious which one is the real us? We deal in depth. Whatever you do together as a team is infused with a sense of energy and vital purpose, and you can get a lot done. The Sun and Mars are in conjunction or closely aspected in the synastry chart. This is interesting. Well that's the thing, I didn't lmao! Ok thanks.Does this aspect bring sexual attraction or sex? The composite Sun conjunct composite Mars is an action-oriented connection, and these two can achieve a lot together if they channel the energy right. We have an Aquarius Moon in the 1st house and live in an Aquarian state (per founding date of state). You may feel that your minds are on the same page. I am big on natal Scorpio planets, he is more spread out in his natal scope. With Composite Sun sextile or trine the Composite Moon, this gives compatible energy and helps you to get along well. I'd say the same for Mars conjunct Jupiter, except it is more a focus on what the relationship is creating or putting out, and less of bedroom stuff and more about energy and doing activities (work, hobbies) together. Both Sun conjunct Mars partners believe that the other is their ideal type and that theyre meant to stay together. The thing is, this transit is neutral, and it depends on how you will use it. sounds interesting!how did you get over him? He does not know its astrology, but I finally found a way to really turn him on by taking my time quite deliberately LOL! It was all about his work. So the stellium I have with husband involves saturn. And there is a lot of chemistry (Mars conjunct Jupiter). These aspects require our attention because planets represent broad traits that might not align with our characters and lives. There's nothing wrong with a little idolizing or keeping the fantasy alive. A circle linked with a line () is a visual representation of the conjunction, which implies that two objects coexist in the same space. It is almost as if troubles and conflicts excite them. With the Sun in conjunction with Mars, you have a natural leader who enjoys increasing responsibilities as you move through your life. Or sex lol. A Sun conjunct Mars aspect is powerful. You are not destined to have a peaceful, placid coexistence! CompositeChart:SunMarsAspects It is not hard to understand why they give people who wont think twice before acting. We are homebodies. almost all planets are in taurus, and neptune, pluto, uranus in scorpio? Going on 20 years. We lucked out. All it takes is to learn how to control their impulses and think before acting. The Sun is in Pisces, conjunct tightly with Mercury (<1 degree)a curious one. Powered by Infopop 2000 Designed to help you in the 1 minute it takes to read them. So Our composite Sun is in Virgo 7th house, close to Venus as well. Unfortunately, in most cases, people fail to control all the energy transit gives them. but it makes it a *whole* lot easier to share a life with someone you have a strong Sun with. It shapes the relationship between two persons. Jupiter and the moon trines the giant cluster of planets as well. They are often involved in a passionate war that can have tragic consequences. Mars + Chiron = Willpower Your email address will not be published. A Sun conjunct Mars synastry aspect indicates that the two individuals each have certain relationship energies that are intensified when they are together. I dont really know what it means, sorry but this post is not guiding me lol :p. We have a composite 6th house sun in Taurus, conjunct Venus and Mercury. Although you will feel capable of everything during the transit, ensure you focus all that energy on something constructive. Interesting it seems to reflect our composite Moon even more than our composite Sun. Make sure you find a constructive way to release this energy so that you do not end up becoming frustrated, tired, angry and violent. Theres no taking advantage. A pretty packed Aquarius on the 12th House cusp so that old mover-n-shaker, Uranus, rules the house of the collective, the hidden, spirit. Also, mars conjunct this stellium is also very favorable as it gives passion, and so is pluto and the moon. I'll take all the advice I can get. does a composite or wedding chart take precedence in a relationship? See who you know. Our asc is in Capricorn and shows we met at work and also the age difference of 9 years. Reuniting With Your Lover, Friend Or Family Member An Effective Approach To Synastry - Abstract But Logical - Video. When these two planets line up and stand under the same sign, they produce masculine energy. Posts: 1437From: DorsiaRegistered: Aug 2012, Posts: 267From: The Planet MercuryRegistered: Oct 2010, ------------------Gemini SunLibra MoonGemini MercuryCancer VenusVirgo MarsVirgo Asc, Posts: 860From: Silent HillRegistered: Aug 2011. Do you have a Sun conjunct Mars in your natal or synastry chart? My other friend also swears her boyfriend is her soulmate and they also have a love stellium with most composite planets conjunct. The powerful Sun has an equally strong friend in the planet Mars. The Moon is the most instinctive side The promise of the Sun/Moon midpoint (an alchemical blend of contrasting energies) is that with careful observation and use, one can find the source of happiness in one's life - most commonly in our closest relationships.

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sun conjunct mars composite lindaland
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