Greta Glatter

Artist - Malerin

Past Exhibitions and Art Activities

November 2019 – Oktober 2020: Exhibition in “Neurologischen Therapiezentrum Kapfenberg (NTK)”, Austria

„On the Way to the Horizon“

November 2015           Exhibition in the Graz Ragnitz Private Hospital „In Search of the Balance“

April 2012                    Gallery Promo Arte, Tokyo, Japan, “Calm and Excitement”

July 2011                      Haus der Begegnung, Graz Ragnitz, “In the Sea of Memory”

May-June 2011             Mesnerhaus, Mieming, Tyrol, Austria “Devotion”

August 2010                  Biscarrosse, France,  „In the Sea of Retrospection“

June 2008                     NRC Lausanne, Switzerland,  „Mysterious“

March 2007                   Gallery Carneri, Graz  „Call of Silence“

June 2006                     Participation at the social-cultural Art Project „Beyond Eden“ in Graz

April 2006                     Künstlerhaus, City of Graz with V.B.K.St.

April 2006                     Raiba Eggersdorf, „Pure Natur“ with V.B.K.St.

March 2006                   French Culture Institute Graz, „At the Limits of the Visible“

December 2005              Künstlerhaus, City of Graz with V.B.K.St.

October 2004                Literatur Cafe Graz, „Desire“

November 2003:            Giovanni Indoor, Graz,  „JAPAN, in the Garden of the Gods“

April 2003:                    Gallery Carneri, Graz, „Inside“

“Painting is like to walk a tightrope without a safety net and double bottom. My life is marked by intimacy and sustainability, but also by spontaneity. This is also expressed in my paintings.”

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